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A day in the life as a Content Strategist

Walking into the office in the morning knowing today will be different than yesterday is a hallmark of being a content strategist. Each day brings new opportunities and experiences in all things content whether it means writing articles for cool companies or filming a video for a local business.

Content strategists at an agency work with clients from all industries such as restaurants, clothing stores, fitness studios, residential and hotel developments, tourism centres, charities and so much more. Repetition is unheard of in this field.

People in this role are responsible for marketing and promoting their clients in the most effective and creative way possible through various mediums. It provides a holistic experience for the content strategist as they use their creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking to appeal to a target audience.

Working with other team members in a collaborative environment is a huge part of being a Content Strategist. Together, we aim to create content that aligns with our client's goals whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation or social media growth.

It is a quick-paced and exciting environment where storytelling is at the core of everything we create. Can you tell a businesses story in a creative and engaging way through written content, a social media post or video?

Here is what a Monday could look like if you were a Content Strategist:

You begin the day by writing an article for an organic pet food company speaking to passionate pup owners about how this kibble is better for their furry friends than other brands. Afterwards, you are assigned a Get Local video for a restaurant down the street and you start writing a captivating script that highlights the local business and what it offers the community.

In the afternoon, you release an Out of Office video and contest with Kelowna Toyota promoting local businesses on social media. At the end of the day, you create Instagram swipe-ups to promote articles you’ve written and finesse a 6-month media plan for a client with a colleague.

Every day you create unique, interesting and meaningful content that grabs attention and helps launch businesses into the market. Whether it is by working with the video team, the design team, other content strategists or solo to put content into the world successfully, it’s an exciting and writing-focused role that requires creativity.

The coolest part is, tomorrow will be a different day with different tasks and different clients.

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