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Cseking In with Blair Wilson of Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.

Meet Blair Wilson, a retired Chartered Accountant who dared to turn a 20-acre apple orchard into one of the smoothest and superior craft vodka producers on the market - Rebel Vodka.

Among his many roles and daring ventures, Blair is the founder and CEO of Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co., is also a former member of parliament and had a chain of pizza restaurants in Poland, as well.

In the video, Blair shares the daring story of how he went all-in with a client in Poland who owned a pizzeria. They signed a 20-year lease on a napkin and within no time, had seven restaurants open with seven more under construction. Not long after, that company went public on the Toronto stock exchange, raising over $8 Million dollars! Yeah, as you can tell, Blair isn't afraid to dare.

And that attitude is what makes Rebel Vodka, which is made from apples and distilled 25 times, a craft vodka that's shattering preconceived notions. By comparison, Smirnoff's vodka is distilled 3 times and another well-known premium vodka, Grey Goose, is distilled 6 - making the sales process a simple taste test. As Rebel Vodka is about to launch in two new provincial markets, we're excited to see what Blair dares to do next.

To witness the other exciting projects that this confident and courageous businessman is up to, watch this episode of Cseking In with Blair Wilson.

'Cseking In' is a series that tells the story of how local leaders got to where they are today.

Guided by Nikki Csek, an exceptionally experienced and compassionate host, her fascination and inquisitive nature guides us through a story that uncovers why and how people grow, persevere and ultimately, achieve success.

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