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Meet the couple determined to make every hour happy hour in Kelowna

In this episode of Business Matters, presented by Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union, host Rob Cupello is joined by Jason and Carolina Lloyd from Tiki Time Tours.

Fun is the name of the game at Tiki Time Tours, whose bold tagline is “Every hour is happy hour”.

“We did a few different wine tours and I was like: why is it so boring?” says Carolina. “It’s kind of boring from the moment they pick us up until the winery.”

People come to Kelowna to have fun and after their experiences, the couple decided to create what they weren’t finding here.

Opening a chartered boat service at the beginning of the pandemic may seem like a risky decision, but they found that because people wanted to stay in their own bubbles, it was actually an excellent time to start their business.

To hear more about Tiki Time Tours, their activity guides and how the couple plans to help other people open their own businesses and retire early, listen to the full episode below.

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