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The art of dream interpretation

“By the time we’ve reached 60 years of age we will have slept for 20 years of our life dreaming,” says today’s Business Matters guest, Caleb Matthews, presented by Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union.

The founder of Encompassed by Dreams and Rob Cupello discussed the art of dream interpretation and how it lead to Matthews starting his company to interpret his client's dreams both spiritually and scientifically.

Since the age of 6, Matthews has had vivid, imaginative and “adventure storybook” like dreams practically every night. As he got older, his mother added dream interpretation to his homeschool curriculum.

Matthews followed his natural abilities and interest in dream interpretation throughout his teen and adult years. Flash forward to now, he interprets dreams, helping clients understand themselves more and get answers.

He aims to help you find out the deeper meaning of your dreams and how it relates to your life through positive and inspiring readings.

To learn more about the art of dream interpretation, tune into the podcast above or watch the interview below.

Business Matters EP #105 - with Caleb Matthews from Encompassed by Dreams from NowMedia on Vimeo.

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