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The business behind a better sleep

Every body is different.

The reason you nourish your body with a custom diet combined with exercise is that it helps you achieve two of the three pillars of natural health. Those two are within your control, but the third, which is getting enough sleep, is easier said than done. For many of us, no matter how well we eat and exercise, we still suffer from sleeplessness... likely because we choose to sleep on mass-produced mattresses. And why do we continue to do this when the most critical days of our lives are tied so intrinsically to how well we rested? Because we didn't know that made-for-you Haven mattresses were an option.

To solve sleepless nights, we asked Scott Amis of Haven Sleep Co. to join Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union presents Business Matters and discuss the business of sleep.

Among many fascinating topics, Scott, who is the founder, CEO and sleep evangelist at Haven, a Kelowna-family-owned and operated mattress business, shares how their mattresses are recognized by the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) for support and you can try it for 100 nights risk-free.

To do something that benefits your body, watch this episode below.

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