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Cseking In with the Street Smart Diva, Julie Hoffman!

In this episode of Cseking in, we sat down with Julie Hoffman otherwise known as the Street Smart Diva, real estate investment coach, to learn about her experience within real estate investment.

Despite Hoffman’s success today, her pathway within real estate hasn't been straightforward. Whilst she encountered several triumphs, she also faced major setbacks including surrendering to bankruptcy in 2007 following the recession. But how did her journey begin?

Following a conversation with her husband and inspiration from her fathers success in real estate, Hoffman and her partner began buying apartments and investing in properties.

Their spontaneous decision was initially very successful and Julie went on to explain how they made “stupid money”, between $300-700k each month. They were confident “it would never end”.

Unfortunately, their success took a turn of events, following the recession, the couple drastically lost sales and surrendered to bankruptcy. Hoffman and her husband alongside their five children were faced with extreme financial difficulties.

After these events, Hoffman found herself speaking to friends about her experience and found people were coming to her for help and advice when it came to buying homes. It was here that Hoffman began coaching people and embodying a new journey of helping others.

Her experience gave her insightful knowledge in this industry which she passed on to others “helping them through anything”. As of 2022, she has now transacted over $100 million in real estate.

Watch the full episode to learn more about Hoffman’s optimistic journey and how she overcame setbacks to grow and become successful today.

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