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NowMedia Group believes the Opportunity is Now to grow its platform from coast to coast

Born of humble beginnings, NowMedia Group launched a media platform that was designed to deliver news, content and the stuff that matters in a conversational and inviting tone to British Columbians.

In its inception, we as storytellers decided that our voice would create conversation. Rather than employ click-bait headlines that talk at readers, the voice of Now talks with them in a conversational voice instead. And because of this, we found success.

Traditional media continues to fail, using a centuries-old model that is too often sensationalist, opinionated and negative.

NowMedia Group, through its NowCities division, has a fresh approach, where the reader and the community matter above all else.

The NowCities platforms have gone to where the readers are and connected with them through strong visuals and an invitation to join the conversation.

With an eye on a better tomorrow, we tell stories that matter from the community, connecting the individuals to the local businesses and to their organizations and associations.

NowMedia Group proved the potential of this model when it launched KelownaNow in a very crowded media market six years ago and watched it grow into the best-connected platform in the city. KelownaNow has grown to have the largest social voice in the Okanagan Valley, reaching over 60K Facebook followers, 37K Instagram followers and 13K daily newsletter subscribers each and every day.

It delivers the news with a softer, more positive approach and cares about the community and the people that reside within it. Visuals, technology, social understanding and speed combine to connect people to the platform and continue to grow its loyal readership.

Innovative sales products and approaches also make the Now model viable in the new digital world.

NowMedia Group, through the NowCities division, has identified 95 opportunities across Canada to take this successful model nationwide. Opportunities exist in the form of franchises or partnerships.

NowMedia Group will supply the software, the operating systems, 60% of the news content, access to assets, training, sales systems and training as well as ongoing platform support.

If you are interested in being a part of change, and want to see journalism once again to be part of your positive future, contact us.

We are looking for people that seek a better tomorrow.

For more information, please contact Nikki Csek at 250-862-8010, email [email protected] or visit the NowCities website.

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